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  • Год: 1994
  • Жанр: Erotic
  • Страна: USA
  • Студия: Playboy
  • Режиссёр: Scott Allen
  • Актёры: La Toya Jackson, Neriah Davis
  • Продолжительность: 00:53:02
  • Язык: English
When La Toya Jackson decided to run away from home, she did it in style by jetting to New York City and taking a delicious bite out of the Big Apple. La Toya's declaration of independence from the celebrated Jackson family was the start of a whole new life in which she dances to her own beat. No longer just "Michael's sister," the sultry singer has toured internationally, graced two best-selling Playboy covers and a pair of provocative pictorials, written a red-hot autobiography, and released a workout tape. Now, La Toya stars in her very own Celebrity Centerfold, featuring - for the first time ever - stunning erotic footage and sensuous adventures.

Celebrating her newfound freedom, La Toya takes you on a daring horseback ride into the recording studio for the sexiest session on record, and behind the scenes for a dazzling dance sequence. Plus, you'll meet the real La Toya in candid interviews as she talks about her unusual childhood, her intimate life, and her future aspirations. A real woman of the nineties, she's strong, confident, in control and calling her own shots. Night after night, La Toya's a thriller in her own right.

Playmate Bonus - Neriah Davis

Raised in Nevada's gold-mining town of Angels Camp, lovely Neriah is a true treasure of the Sierras. With her carefree charisma and try-anything-once spirit, this sun-kissed natural beauty will capture your heart in erotic adventures that are anything but angelic.
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