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Amelia (Jane Wilde) is hanging out with her boyfriend, Elliot, in his bedroom. As Elliot tries to get frisky with her, they're interrupted by Elliot's dad, Gary (Charles Dera). As Gary tells Elliot that he needs to do chores, Amelia seems unable to take her eyes off him. Gary apologizes to Amelia for the intrusion, although Amelia insists she can keep herself busy while Elliot's gone... A short while later, Gary checks in on Amelia. Although he's being nothing but friendly, Amelia continuously interprets everything he says and does as being him coming onto her. As Amelia comes onto him as well, Gary tries to resist but she toys with him, insisting that she knows he must have feelings for her, too. Why should he deny himself his most primal desires?

Dr. Ross, a psychologist, begins to recount the strange events of the day. She was visited by an exhausted and fearful-looking woman named Molly (Nelly Kent). In the safety of the office, Molly told Dr. Ross why she had sought her out. Molly described a dark, disturbing fantasy... In this fantasy, Molly found herself in a room. In that room was a man (Raul Costa). When he approached Molly, a huger came over her, an insatiable urge that consumed her. An urge to be... FILLED...in every sense of the word. Dr.Ross has to admit that it has been piqued.
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