Stunning blonde Cherry Kiss is enjoying a “Quiet Moment” of solo pleasure as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie begins. Nipples stiff, she slides a hand into her panties to stroke her shaved pussy. As she glances toward the door, she sees Nick Ross watching her, and tells him, “I was waiting for you.” Kissing him avidly, Cherry guides his hand to her perky breasts as she rubs the growing bulge in his pants, then unzips them to free his stiff cock. She fondles his balls as she jerks his shaft, then wraps her lips around it and sucks it, bobbing her head to deepthroat it. Nick eats Cherry’s hot pussy before she straddles him in cowgirl, guiding his pole into her tight slot and sliding up and down on it, her sexy ass jiggling. He thrusts up into her with quiet intensity, then flips her into missionary. Cherry clings to the bed frame and strums her clit as her lover fucks her to a powerful orgasm, his cum streaming out of her soaked pussy as he pulls out. Be sure to watch the closing credits for some behind-the-scenes fun.
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