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It’s pouring with rain, and cute brunette Kylie Green is drenched. As Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie "Wetter Inside" begins, she dashes indoors and peels off her soaked clothing in the hallway. Her girlfriend Kate Quinn brings her a towel, her playful kisses quickly turning amorous as she’s aroused by the sight of Kylie’s sexy body. Kate sucks Kylie’s stiff nipples and kisses a trail down to her bare pussy, tonguing her clit to drive her wild. They stumble to the bedroom, where Kate resumes her oral onslaught, giving her sweetheart a powerful orgasm. Kate straddles Kylie’s face to get her own pussy eaten, grinding on her mouth energetically, then spins around into a sixty-nine so they can lick each other in unison until she’s overwhelmed by a mind-blowing climax. Utterly blissed out, the lovers rest peacefully in each other’s arms.
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