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Passionate Lee chronicles the exploits of Lee Fontaine (Sharon Mitchell), superstar porn queen.
Tired of always getting it in the face, so to speak, she demands a vacation to get away from it all. Her agent, William Margold, arranges for some frolicking fun in the country for her, with his nephew. Upon arrival, she quickly meets up with horny fan Jerry Butler, who has more than sex on his mind. His plan, to get Lee and some of her filmdom friends and offer them to his college professor in exchange for money and good grades, is the focal point of this video feature.
The plot, another variation of Risky Business, reeks of familiarity. Yet the performers, especially Sharon Mitchell, rise above the material to perform able-bodied sexual stunts. The video quality, while very good, suffers sometimes from muddled dialogue. Actually, that doesn’t matter. Everybody has heard it all before.
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