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Joshua Lewis brings home his girlfriend Nikki Sweet so she can finally meet his stepparents, Dick Chibbles and Syren De Mer. As Joshua and his family give Nikki a tour of the house, Dick tells Nikki that his family is VERY into home movies. Joshua explains that they are going to make a new 'home movie'. Nikki clues in to the fact it's porn and is shocked, saying she's not a complete virgin when it comes to nude selfies and such, but this is a whole other level! The family will have a truly memorable new movie to add to their collection Mina (Spencer Bradley) arrives at the home of her priest (Michael Vegas), and introduces him to a woman, Valerie (Mona Azar). As they talk, it is revealed that the priest previously agreed to officiate Mina's wedding. However, when he finds out that Mina will be marrying Valerie, he becomes disgusted and refuses to take part in the wedding. Mina and Valerie are hurt and angry, and accuse the priest of just wanting everyone else to be miserable like him, since he is required to be celibate. The women are sure the priest is so pent up that ANY temptation will make him falter. Mina and Valerie ramp up the seduction, until the priest gives in...

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