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That two big boobed Latina Lina Jones and Pamela Sanchez enjoy life on the sunny island of Tenerife. Great weather, good car - a life without stress. One thing is missing though from both of their lives - a huge dick in their culo and coo. This means ass and pussy in Spanish. But since this is paradise, and in paradise things tend to just happen miraculously - they only needed to wish for one to appear. Here comes Jimmy! With his big dong ready for action immediately. So these girls are really into dicks as you can tell. It feels almost like they are obsessed with it. They play with it, taking turns. And then of course eventually - with the precious luxurious car in the focus - they have it penetrate them. Deep. Hard. Super erected. The Latina hottie Lina Jones is back and teasing in fishnet and high heels at first. It eventually leads to deep penetration anal fuck. So the actual teaser is not too long frankly. But why would it be? We saw her great fishnet outfit with high heels already and it is a HUGE turn on. We also have a special connection to that scenery in the background. The Canaries during winter is just as fascinating as during summer! Maybe less hot. But we have our own hotties to balance that out, so all good... Back to business - clothes comes off real fast, Marco's dick also lands in Lin Joneses mouth quick for some deep blowjob action. But that is just the beginning of what turns to be some hardcore anal action. As with always with this chick, that dong fucks her straight to the ass-style. No pussy fuck. But other than that this is a solid anal scene with a great messy, sticky jizz shower on her face at the end! Welcome to sunny Tenerife! This is where deep anal penetrations happen. This time we have this Ecuadorean hottie, Lina Jones around - and were just begging to have some dick put up in her big ass. So we called Jimmy and told him - Are you up for some anal sex? And he said yes! So we drove to an abandoned factory and had Lina Jones strip down to naked, spread her ass and... Watch the rest in the movie! P.s.: Her blowjob and deep throat skills are excellent! We are still on the always sunny island of Tenerife. And yes, it is still winter. There are some days when the weather is windy, and this is when our residents are getting inside to do things under the roof. What things you might ask. Anal sex of course! Deep anal preferred. And this is exactly what our beloved Lina Jones with her always smiling attitude did with Dominic. This somewhat cloudy afternoon in Paradise just got perfect. That Latina beauty got explored by Dominic's dick deep well up into her ass. And she admittedly loved it. So as the jizz rain on her mouth at the end. Ah, Tenerife... What would we do without you?!

Только Анальный секс с Линдой Джонс - смотрите порно бесплатно!

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