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Experience The Fantasies! Taste The Flesh!
Best Foreign Film Of 1979'
'The Joy Of Fooling Around' may have finally reached the final plateau of eroticism...with a fabulous cast, a dynamite story, the entire lush islands of Mykonos, and the most astonishing sexual scenes you are ever likely to see, what can follow it? There is one sexual interlude on the beach (part of which takes place under water) that I would have thought impossible not only to perform but to actually photograph Incredible! I was not prepared for what I saw in 'The Joy Of Fooling Around' it is more than an erotic Tour De Force...It's a sexual explosion!
Fabulous sex, beautiful people, breathtaking scenery, 'The Joy Of Fooling Around' is a total turn on! Certainly the best sex film ever, my highest rating...'
Easily the most spectacular sex film of all time, and also the hottest...the scene on the beach cannot be described, you must see it!
This is the only Pierre DuBois video. Adult stars also making their debut in this video: Jack Matthews, Valerie Ashley, Monique Du Prez, Marga Ever, Theresa Gollum, Magda Makri, Carla Messina, Sal Pontini, Kevin Raymond, Samantha Romana, Leo Zamidis.

Радостная дурашливость - смотрите порно бесплатно!

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