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Tara (Emma Jade) is expecting her boyfriend Steve to pick her up for prom, and is surprised when Steve's parent Mr. Nichols (Charles Dera) arrives at her door instead. Mr. Nichols says that Steve is running late, so he offered to pick up Tara. She accepts his explanation, and gets into Mr. Nichols car. As Mr. Nichols drives, he says that he wants to take his time getting to know Tara better... A young woman, Leslie (Kylie Rocket) arrives at the home of Jonah, a young man she's been bonding with online. This will be her first time meeting Jonah in person. She knocks on the door, but to her surpise, the door is answered by an older man, Charles (Mick Blue). Charles says that he is Jonah's parent, and that Jonah is still getting ready for the date. He invites Leslie to wait inside. She tries using her phone to send a message to Jonah's number, but to her surprise she hears the ding of the message arriving on Charles' phone!

Ночь, которую ты запомнишь надолго - смотрите порно бесплатно!

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