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Two straight roommates, Spencer Bradley and Jezabel Vessir, are making fun plans for the day when they are suddenly surprised by a knock at their door. To their dismay, the visitors on the other side of the door call out that they're lesbians recruiter, Mona Azar and her girlfriend Charlotte Sins! They've come to convert them! Casey Calvert, a new cafe owner, is frustrated that no one's been coming into her cafe. She then perks up, as if getting an idea, and grins. An hour later Maya Woulfe steps into the cafe, but gasps, shocked when she sees Casey sitting on the counter with her skirt pulled up, her legs wide open, and apron pushed aside, showing off her pussy. Casey offers to let Maya eat her out, explaining that it is her grand opening special! Evelyn Claire and Alexis Tae, step into the cafe later and wait in line for their turns. Looks like business is booming! Two lesbians couples (Mocha Menage and Keira Croft plus Sabina Rouge and Chanell Heart) are finishing up hanging out following a dinner party. The two couples realize that they've become boring and predictable, but Chanell becomes inspired and suggests they have a foursome like old times, to prove they can still be adventurous!

Торжественное открытие - смотрите порно бесплатно!

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