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Emma Hix welcomes a masseuse, Nicole Doshi, into her home. Nicole was recommended by one of Emma's friends, so Emma has high hopes because work has been stressing her out a lot lately. Nicole is eager to help relieve Emma's stress. As the massage progresses, Nicole removes the towel and starts massaging Emma's breasts... and her pussy. Looks like it's time for the REAL stress relief to begin. Kylie Rocket is relaxing at home when her roommate, Aften Opal, returns. As they catch up on their day, Kylie notices that Aften's shoulders seem stiff. That's when Kylie reveals that she just got accepted into a massage therapy school, so now's the perfect chance to get some practice in. It isn't long before Kylie wants to do MORE than just massage! Savannah Bond arrives for a massage appointment with Scarlett Sage. As Scarlett is touching her body, Savannah begins questioning her sexuality. She has kept it to herself for so long, it must have built up inside her. Scarlett suggests a surprising solution - a bit of lesbians sex will cure her worries!

Освоение новой техники - смотрите порно бесплатно!

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