Erokrad » censored эротика » Академия секса Фантазии и ролевые игры / Sex Academy Fantasy And Role Play (2016)
"Discover how to explore your sex fantasies through role-playing to make your sex life even better with Sexpert of the Year Dr. Ava Cadell and Sex Therapist Dr. Hernando Chaves. They guide you through live demonstrations of real couples performing erotic role-playing and fantasy games, while sharing expert advice on how to share your fantasies.

"From creating sexual anticipation to going all the way, this video has the hottest sex fantasies and role-playing scenes to turn you and your lover on. You'll see the ever-popular Striptease fantasy come to reality, which satisfies the guy's voyeuristic sex fantasy while the woman is fulfilling her exhibitionist fantasy at the same time.

"For more sex fantasy and role-playing ideas, you'll see a hunky Cowboy and a dominant Policeman who takes charge of their lover to female sex fantasies of a naughty nurse and horny maid who calls the shots. With props, body language and erotic talk, they give you all the tools you need to make your fantasies come true. So turn sex into adult play through fantasy and role-play."

Академия секса Фантазии и ролевые игры - смотрите порно эротику бесплатно!

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