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"So when do the rehearsals start?", he asks.
"Well, next week, but I'm going to do some one on ones with the director before we start", she notes.
"What's that?".
"Well, because it's my first big show and I'm Playing the Part as lead, the director wants to do some privates before we join the rest of the group", Lisa explains.
"And you feel safe doing that?".
"Of course, why wouldn't I?".
"Well, like I was saying yesterday, some men might take advantage of a beautiful young lady like you", he asserts.
"Do you think he'd try anything?", she asks.
"Maybe, maybe not".
"I don't know what I'd do if he did."
He asks: "Are you attracted to him?".
"I mean, he's not very good looking, but he's charming and smart. I just, I want him to like me", she says.
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