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Lauren Phillips and Scarlett Mae, a stepmom and her stepdaughter, are each dating someone new and are each SO EXCITED to share the hot goss about their most recent dates! They settle into the couch and start chatting, each of them spilling the beans about where they went, what they did, how FRISKY they got... As they chat, they notice more and more how the two women they're describing seem to sound very much alike. TOO ALIKE... When they realize they've been dating the same woman, they're both furious, but on the brighter side, Lauren and Scarlett HAVE learned quite a bit about each other through today's conversation. What better way to get over a bad date than by having a little sexy fun... TOGETHER! Queenie Sateen and her stepdaughter Alyx Star are nearly always glued to their phones, because Queenie is constantly replying to work messages, and Alyx likes looking at social media and messaging her friends. But when the internet connection goes out, they become frantic. Who knows when the internet will be back? After a while they start to talk with each other, realizing it's been a while since they really did anything together. They rekindle their relationship... and realize that there is a growing attraction between them Sonia Harcourt is delighted because her stepdaughter, Madi Collins, has returned home for a visit after her first semester at college. Madi talks about how interesting college life is, and how it's a whole different world from what she's used to. In fact... she has some questions and Madi is happy to answer!

Время для Повторного Подключения - смотрите порно бесплатно!

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