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Gia Derza is hosting a slumber party for two of her friends, Vina Sky and Jenna Foxx. Theyre talking about sexy gossip from school, and then the topic of sending nude photos comes up. The three girls all admit they've never sent any, and decide to try taking nudes of each other. They start by taking fully clothed pictures in sexy poses, then move on to doing topless photos. Wanting to take even racier photos, they decide that the pictures will look better if they tweak each other's nipples to make them perkier. Gia and Jenna tweak Vina's nipples, then playfully start licking her nipples as well. Vina becomes embarrassed, admitting that she might squirt if they keep going. Gia and Jenna are surprised and admit that they squirt too, leading to the three girls bonding over this new knowledge!. Aiden Ashley has been betrayed by men again and again and decides to go see her therapist Lily Lane about it. She suggests an unconventional method which would introduce a woman's touch as a way for Aiden to get used to intimacy again! Aiden agrees, and they get started. Lily starts to run her hands over different parts of Aiden's body, such as her arms and inner thighs. Aiden's body responds positively to Lily's touch, so she starts rubbing Aiden's pussy through her pants. Aiden then gets fully undressed, and Lily instructs her to masturbate while she watches and coaches her. To their surprise, Aiden works herself all the way to a squirting orgasm. Not once, but TWICE!

Пижамная вечеринка, праздник сквирта - смотрите порно бесплатно!

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