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Lab Corp has announced a revolutionary new libido enhancing drug for women. It's predicted to make the company billions but there's a problem. To complete the formula, scientists at Lab Corp require a concentrated hormone found only in the female body that is generated when she's experiencing pain and pleasure simultaneously. Lab Corp has tried extracting the hormone from women, but the director of the project realizes only a female Super will be able to produce what they need. With billions on the line, the scientist will do absolutely anything to extract that which he needs, and Redwing becomes his target. After capturing her, he puts her in a sensory deprivation tank with a special liquid designed to keep Red in a deep sleep. He then plugs her into a virtual world of his own design. Also plugged in are two private contractors with specific instructions to administer pain and pleasure by whatever means necessary. If pain and pleasure levels aren't met, the world can reset itself by "killing" Red. Weeks have gone by already and they've tried unsuccessfully numerous times. The only option now is to instruct the contractors to apply the maximum amount of pain and pleasure. If levels are achieved and the hormone is properly extracted, the scientist knows he'll have to kill her. She'll be too much of a liability and could terminate the entire project. But first, what does it take to physically best Redwing while forcing arousal.

Реальность кусается - смотрите эротику бесплатно!

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