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MelRose Michaels is in the driver’s seat with this exciting debut feature from the photographer Maddie Córdoba. “What I love most about my job is that I’m in control,” shares MelRose, a model, content creator, and entrepreneur. “I don’t report to anyone, and I can run my business as I s ee fit! I also love that my success or failure begins and ends with me— I love the pressure of it.” MelRose is thriving, passionate, and dedicated to her career. “My passion is business— it’s in my DNA; I can’t really explain it. It’s the way my brain works,” she says. “I am proof you can be a solo creator and succeed entirely on your own.” On location in Los Angeles, California, this garage set is fitting for MelRose. “I’m a big-time car enthusiast,” she says. “I feel beautiful posing nude. The reality is most women are sexualized for the majority of their lives without consenting to it. Posing nude and knowing I can charge a premium is me taking back my power. It’s giving consent to be sexualized.” Get to know more about MelRose Michaels right here on Playboy Plus.

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