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Lesson 1: The Goal of Simultaneous OrgasmsNina, Devon and Marcus endeavor to create conditions condusive to simultaneous orgasms. Focusing on relaxed, arousal-oriented play at first and letting "the goal" of simultaneous orgasm wait until much later in the process.
Lesson 2: Myths & TechniquesNina, with the help of Devon and Kayden, discuss the pursuit of the elusive simultaneous orgasm by both committed couples and individuals with multiple partners. Myths and social pressures are explored and practical techniques for achieving it are explained.
Lesson 3: Being in the Right SizeIn clearly narrated demonstration scenes, Devon and Marcus assisted by Nina describe the process that gets them to the right state, with their experience as a real-life couple emphasized. This same process applies to threesomes who want to climax simultaneously.
Lesson 4: The ClimaxIn a fantasy scene finale, Kayden and Erik Everhard deliver an athletic performance, drawing on their tremendous chemistry to produce a series of climaxes for Kayden in different positions, leading up to a crescendo in which both climax simultaneously

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