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Violet (Hazel Moore) is surprised when her girlfriend Amelia (Maya Woulfe) unexpectedly comes over. Amelia explains that her parents found out she's a lesbians, and kicked her out. They sneak off to hide in Violet's room, but on their way, they run into Violet's older sibling, Florence (Gizelle Blanco). Violet lies and says that Amelia came over to study. Once theyre alone, Violet decides that Amelia can hide in her room for now, including setting up some bedding for Amelia in the closet. However, Florence is spying on Violet and Amelia through a crack in the door. Over the next few days, Florence spies on Amelia. One day, Florence enters Violet's room while Violet is away, and opens the closet to confront Amelia Skylar (Skylar Snow) and Paige (Paige Owens), a married lesbians couple, are ready to take the next step in their marriage: buying a house together. But when they find the house of their dreams, it quickly becomes clear that it'll be nothing but a nightmare. When they try to put in an offer on the perfect house, they are met with hostility by the realtor and Skylar and Paige know WHY. NOW it's time to get revenge... and Paige knows just what to do.

Вы будете в безопасности - смотрите порно бесплатно!

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